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Asian Bodywork Club was established in March of 2006 as a way for Massage Students and Licensed Therapists to meet and learn about the art Manual Medicine through the use of Asian Bodywork, Massage, and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Tony Zayner, D.N. MSEd, MSOM (Licensed Naprapath and Acupuncturist) and Manuel Cruz (Massage Therapist) work together to share with members their knowledge and experience. All those who are open to pursue excellence are welcome to join with an open mind and ear. We encourage all races, creeds, religions and Massage styles to join us in this learning process.

Members of Asian Bodywork Club are always learning something that will help them continue to excel as a therapist.

Site will be updated frequently so please check the Asian Bodywork Club Class Schedule for upcoming classes!!!!

Please review Dr. Tony’s Thesis about Yin/Yang and it’s modern day applications. Ancient Thoughts / Modern Applications

Touch is a Language that is older and forever beyond words.

D. Juhan

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