What is Hypnosis?

Inducing a level of consciousness that is characterized by relaxation and suggestibility. You want to by pass the critical mind and access the  non-reasoning and suggestible subconscious.

Benefits to us as Licensed Acupuncturists, Asian Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists:

 Hypnosis will relieve pain or help the person change their perception of  pain

The human body can grow new neural pathways which will reemphasize change in the person’s way they look at life

 Positive beliefs begin the road to recovery

Deep Relaxation

10 Questions and Answers about Hypnosis:

1. What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state. Suggestions given by the therapist by-pass the conscious mind (critical factor) and go directly to the inner conscious mind for acceptance.

2. How will I feel in Hypnosis?

You will feel deeply relaxed. Many people feel lightness or heaviness, but most feel a comfortable detachment from life’s difficulties.

3. Will I lose control in Hypnosis?

Since you can only be hypnotized by consent, you are always in control.

4. What if I don’t wake up from Hypnosis?

Since hypnosis is not sleep, you are always awake and able to “wake-up” whenever you choose.

5. In Hypnosis, will I do or say anything against my will?

You have total control in hypnosis; always knowing what to say and do.

6. Will I remember everything said during the session?

The majority of people have total recall; a few have partial recall.

7. Do I have to go deep into hypnosis to achieve success?

Excellent success can be achieved in a a light or medium trance. The depth of the trance has nothing to do with the success rate.

8. How does the  Hypnotherapist accomplish the change?

The Hypnotherapist acts as a coach, working together with the client to make the desired changes.

9. How long does hypnosis last?

The effects can last a lifetime! To ensure your success, follow the suggestions and directions of your hypnotist and play your reinforcement tapes.

10. What is the rate of success with hypnosis?

Two out of three clients achieve the success that they are looking for. Most others achieve at least partial success. A major factor in our client’s success is that they have reached the point of readiness and willingness to change.

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