Massage Tools

At Asian Bodywork Club our hands are precious to us. That is why the teachers believe in both good body  mechanics (keeping table low) and the use of Massage Tools. During the Asian Bodywork Club Massage Tools Class you will learn how to use a variety of tools and also be able to purchase them for yourself. If you do not wish to buy them at that time there are different places such as Acuforce and Massage Warehouse websites.

Below is a list of tools and a brief explanation of each. More detailed information and practice will take place during Asian Bodywork Club class time.

ACUFORCE Massage Tools

These tools are designed and sold by John G.  Lewis. John is an amazing Massage Therapist and wonderful person who truly cares about helping patients and therapists alike. These tools are made with a special skin-like material that works incredibly well with creams and oils. Hand-crafted in the United States and made with F.D.A. approved materials, the Acuforce tools are a must for every therapist.

The Acuforce Massage Star has many different uses for the Massage Therapist. There is a wedge end  for stripping of muscles, one blunt end for trigger point therapy and also  a pointed edge that can be used for acupressure point therapy. This is the lightest of the   Acuforce tools.

The Massage Star XL is much like its little brother. It is a little heavier and does not have the pointed edge. Instead the XL has a beveled edge that can be used to strip  or cross-fiber muscles. Also, this edge fits almost perfectly so that you  can get the small spinal muscles in the Transverse processes


The Acuforce 2.5 is so named because it weighs 2.5 lbs. It’s balance allows you to have full control over the tool and its weight provides pressure so that you are not hurting yourself trying to strip deep muscle tissue.

The Acuforce 7.0 was John’s first developed massage tool. It is specifically designed to use its own weight (7 lbs.) in applying pressure during your therapy treatments. This saves your thumbs, wrists, and elbows  from fatigue. The Acuforce 7.0 performs muscle stripping, cross-fiber friction, and trigger point therapy.

Chinese Medicine Tools


Moxibustion is used to stimulate the acupuncture points by the combustion of different materials in order to regulate the physiological activity of the body. It warms the channels and disperses cold and relieves pain, stops cough, calms asthma and disperses phlegm.


A traditional method used by many cultures all around the world. As a method of treating disease it does so by causing local congestion. The functions of cupping is to warm and promote free flowing of Qi in the channels, dispel cold and damp, and diminish swelling and pain.

Gua Sha

This method of scraping should be used when a patient presents pain that is helped by massage but the pain returns immediately after. Indications of Sha include sudden stiff neck, waking with body kink, or report of pain that comes and goes.


Magnets are used to draw blood to  certain parts of the body. There are two poles of Magnetism. North Pole is used for arthritis, and dissolving calcium of joints. South Pole is used for all kinds of pains, stiffness and weakness in the fore limbs, arms, legs, shoulders, hips, etc.

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