Thai Bodywork

What is Thai Bodywork?

Thai Bodywork is a traditional healing method that has been practiced in  Thailand for centuries. With the incorporation of Acupressure, meridian energy work (sen lines)  and Yoga-like stretching, Thai Bodywork improves circulation, flexibility  and muscle tone. As in other massage methods, Thai is used to stimulate  the body’s natural healing process and take a role in repairing damaged  tissue.

In Thailand, this type of massage ranges from a medical discipline that  has a four-year degree University program to small time people who learn  via word of mouth. Ayurvedic influence from India is said to be the tie for using the meridian energy work in Thai Bodywork.

Why should you learn Thai  Bodywork?

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 At Asian Bodywork Club, Thai Bodywork is done on the table at its lowest setting. Floor  work limits some stretches and working on the table allows you to work on a wide variety of people. In addition, Asian Bodywork Club will teach you things not from  the traditional Thai bodywork including “Secret Stretches” that are not  secret. These stretches were made up by the Asian Bodywork Club teachers and they have incorporated it into their practice.

Client can be fully clothed (in stretchable material) for Thai bodywork, but there are draping techniques if the client wishes to disrobe. During class, however, we ask that you wear T-shirt and sweat pants.

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