Tui Na

Tui Na literally translated means “Push Pull”. This really envelopes the type of  work that you do. There are various “Methods” (Fa) of Tui Na and they are  used according to what the client needs. In Chinese medicine, Tui Na doctors are  highly skilled practitioners who treat and prevent many different ailments  and diseases. There is even proof of a baby coming out of a coma with use of Tui Na.

This method of Chinese massage is not the most comfortable with clients but is required for the movement of Qi and Blood. Most people, even therapists, do not know that  Swedish massage is actually Tui Na, but due to translation problems it was  severely oversimplified. Chinese and Swedish languages were not compatible  to translate the energy work that is involved in Tui Na. Balancing of Yin  and Yang restores Qi flow and can remove excess so that the channels of Qi  and Blood can move freely.

At Asian Bodywork Club Tui Na Class you will learn the different “Methods” (Fa) of Tui Na and proper body mechanics for each one. Also, after learning the methods students will learn different  treatment protocols that will enable them to take care of common ailments with their clients.

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